Best prison and escape games (PC)

All people try not to go to jail. Nevertheless, in the virtual world, all the doors are open to us, and we can experience the atmosphere of prison romance and even engage in fascinating adventures through the actions of prisoners, guards, or the warden. This article brings to your attention the best games about escape from prison.

The best prison games

  • Prison Tycoon Alcatraz. It’s a unique thematic economics simulator for the life of a prison chief. By this prison, we mean the legendary American Alcatraz base. The warden does a very complicated job. You will calculate every single expense to make a profit. Nevertheless, once the facility becomes profitable, the prison population increases, which makes it harder to maintain a sustainable ecosystem.
  • A Way Out. This game could take first place in the top game of escaping from prison. This game has a corporate profile, even though corporate play is not something new in the modern gaming industry. However, it’s conditional in most games because you can use bots instead of living players and enjoy the process. ‘A Way Out’ was designed specifically for pair of gamers. One plays for the wrongfully accused Vincent and the other plays for the robber Leo. In order to escape, players will have to act very coherently.

    A Way Out
  • Prison Break: The Conspiracy. The ‘Prison Break’ series was so popular that few people don’t ever saw it. However, the series reached its logical conclusion. But gamers who want to take another dip into their atmosphere can do it as part of a game of the same name like ‘Prison Break’. However, you’ll be playing for the bad guy who’s trying to stop the escape, instead of running the escaped prisoners.
  • 1954 Alcatraz. It’s another game that reminds us of a famous American base. However, ‘1954 Alcatraz’ is not an economic simulator, but a quest game, and this makes it one of the best prison games. You’re supposed to be helping an Alcatraz-imprisoned robber named Joe or his wife, Christine, who is on the outside helping her husband escape.

The top 10 PC prison games include six other interesting projects without which this list would have been unfinished:

  • Rebels: Prison Escape;
  • The Prison;
  • Creepy Vision;
  • Prison Test;
  • Manhunt;
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

However, we can’t describe all the cool prison games in one little article. ‘Prison Test’ is one of the most notable of these games. This game will give you the opportunity to be acquainted with the questions that are often asked in prisons to newcomers and to learn the situations that arise after he answers this question.