Star Atlas – a groundbreaking new NFT game

Star Atlas is a new generation of multiplayer games based on blockchain technology, transforming the economic potential of online games and allowing gamers to earn money. This project is a large-scale strategy game set in the distant year 2620 when three great factions clashed in a war for world domination.

Why are blockchain games really cool?

The main advantage of blockchain gaming is the ability to monetize your playing time. And it can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you can get a steady profit from selling the most valuable assets or even create businesses and services for other players. Giving users the opportunity to have a good time and get money for it is really cool.

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What is Star Atlas like?

The universe of Star Atlas is really vast. Players in it will have to go on complex journeys with many dangers. Players in Star Atlas can build entire cities and micro-economies in-game or even collaborate and create DAOs to manage specific regions. Players can even extract real monetary value from the virtual in-game items they will receive as they play.

Unlike most centralized game platforms, which restrict resale and full ownership of in-game items, Star Atlas fully supports decentralization. Players can fully own the assets they accumulate in the game, and if they feel like it, they can easily turn them into real money – no resistance from the administration will be met.

Star Atlas

As for the gameplay, Star Atlas is divided into three main types of activities:

  1. Combat – the game has a very well-thought-out combat system. For example, players can use various maneuvers to protect their ships from approaching attacks and disable enemy defenses.
  2. Detailed exploration of the in-game world – one of the main components of Star Atlas gameplay is the exploration of space. Players can visit different stars and use gear to scan the earth for treasure. Every star in the meta-universe is rich in resources.
  3. Occupation – In addition to combat and exploration, Star Atlas has many mechanics dedicated to controlling a space station. You can be a pilot as well as a gunner, engineer, businessman, etc.

Star Atlas is gaining popularity among gamers and game critics alike. The game is a veritable struggle for rewards and political domination over your opponents. The gameplay is not unique in itself, but Star Atlas stands out for its large-scale universe, elaborate details, and fantastic graphics.

The fact that it uses advanced blockchain mechanisms makes it even more appealing. With support from Solana, the second-largest smart game network after Ethereum, Star Atlas has become a leader among AAA blockchain games.

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