Review of Papers, Please RPG

Many people like to spend their leisure time watching TV watching detective shows and spy movies. In the modern world, computers and tablets also help us to do our favourite things. However, we are sure you’ve been thinking that becoming the hero of the spy story would be a lot more interesting than sitting on a couch and watching ordinary events.

There are times when a person watches a show with a fascinating plot and thinks that the actors are not alive and do not know how to move even. We think that we could do things our way in one situation or another.

When you go through this quest, you’ll be able to say that you’ve gotten smarter. Your motto will be:

«Now I have sufficient level of agility for successful activity».

Lucas Pope’s unique game called «Papers, Please» gives any gamer the opportunity to visit the boots of a special service officer, and that is a customs officer who must promptly check the documents of persons coming to him, and give them permits to go to the fictional country of Arstotzka.

  • More recently, the war between a country with true democracy and an autocratic regime has ended. Between the opposing sides, there is a fragile agreement with the Cold War forces.
  • Spies from both sides are trying to cross the border.
  • Every gamer’s job is to track down and catch the bad guys.

This project will give you the impression of a real customs service. On the one hand, he will try to provide his family with all the necessary things in conditions of general deficit, on the other hand, he will have to perform his duties in strict compliance with the rules and as a result, get a pretty big salary.

There are many difficulties

If you miss at least one intruder with a fake I.D., your strict Customs officer will find you and you’ll have to worry about what you’ll be feeding your children.

Each gamer will get on the web of offers of bribes and obscene offers from hot blonde women with fake documents. They are brilliant spies who are trained in the art of seducing high-level customs officers.

This game would require a higher level of attention from you, and even Sherlock Holmes, using his famous deduction, would not be able to handle this job.

At first glance, the plot of Papers, Please, seems dull and protracted. But, as in psychological thrillers, a network of routine events pulls a gamer into its web gradually and interestingly.

As a result, you will realize that you have become completely consumed in a contest in which you are exposed to a high level of agility and intelligence, as well as intuition with clever scouts and cunning criminals, as well as girls who want to outsmart you.

User views

A game called “Papers, Please” was created by Lucas Pope alone. He is a talented video game developer from America. Due to the small scale of the game, you will not be able to get great graphics and a great soundtrack.

However, many gamers still praised the pixel graphics of the game, which gave the story a unique mood.

Gamers have not lost interest in this project and it has been very popular for ten years. This means that Papers, Please Game can become a candidate for the best game in history and simply take a place on the computer of each gamer.